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San Francisco pitchers are Giant in playoffs
By Zev Miro

Giants pitchers world series10/10/14 -- The San Francisco have won two World Championships over the past five seasons. They are taking full advantage of their pildcard invite to this years MLB playoffs. Baseball is a long grin-it-out season, but the Giants find a way to play their best in October. The pitching debth always keeps them in the running, and they find just enough to get their bats hot.

In 2010 when the Giants won their first title, Tim Lincecum was their ace, fresh off back-to-back Cy Young awards (2008 and 2009). Matt Cain, another pitcher raised in their system was starting to establish himself as well, battling Lincecum for top honors.

Steel sharpens steel. Giants general manager Brian Sabean built this team around the pitching staff and now they have become so inter-changeble they bring each other to another level as they compete with each other.

If anything it tells you the shelf-life of being a premiere pitcher is tenuous at best. Which makes it even harder when teams depend on one or two aces for multiple years. Even the Giants have shown that you can't stay at the top of the mound that long. That doesn't mean you can't come back later, once your arm has heal after being shreaded over years. Barry Zito who wilted after signing his $126M contract even had a come-back year to help San Francisco win in 2012.

In fact after Zito had been placed on the shelf as the Giants choked on his contract for a few year. Then to open up the 2012 World Series Zito beats arguabbly the best arm in baseball at the time, Justin Verlander, before the Giants went on to sweep the Detriot Tigers. Sergio Romo was the nail-in-the-coffin closer who pitched the final three games to shut the door.

With Lincecum, Cain and Romo having lack-luster seasons, but without missing a beat the Giants kept the high level throughtout their rotation. Now it's Madison Bumgarner who is ancoring their staff after six years in the Bigs.




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